Beau Chene principal, coach will not be charged for incident with student

Principal Anthony K. James (left) Coach Lorenso T. Williams (right) Photo Credit: St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office

UPDATE: St. Landry Parish District Attorney Earl Taylor has dropped all charges against Anthony K. James and Lorenso T. Williams.

Beau Chene High School Principal Anthony K. James and Coach Lorenso T. Williams will not be charged for their actions during an altercation with a student, according to the St. Landry Parish District Attorney’s Office.

The two educators were arrested on September 30th. Williams was charged with cruelty to a juvenile and James was charged with simple battery.

District Attorney Earl Taylor said in a release after reviewing the facts in the case, “I have reached the conclusion that neither of these cases involve criminal actions by Mr. James or Mr. Williams.”

Taylor also said while abuse of students will not be tolerated, school officials must be able to maintain order and make split second decisions to keep students safe.

The DA also cited a ruling from the 1999 case of Young v. St. Landry Parish School Board, “Teachers, by law, are authorized, to use reasonable force to maintain order in the classroom or on school grounds.”

Click here to see the District Attorney’s full statement



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