Governor runoff elections less than a month away

Photo Credit: KLFY


With runoff elections less than a month away, gubernatorial candidates John Bel Edwards and David Vitter are hitting the campaign trails once again.

Thursday Republican David Vitter met with supporters at the LITE Center in Lafayette and discussed Louisiana’s oil and gas industry. He says his opponent, Democrat John Bel Edwards continued to support President Obama even after he shut down drilling in the Gulf.  “After the moratorium he enthusiastically re-nominated President Obama for president on national TV and he supports these abusive lawsuits.”

Edwards addressed the claim at a ribbon cutting for his Lafayette campaign headquarters on Thursday. “I don’t know what frivolous lawsuits he’s talking about, but David Vitter will say anything at any time.  He is unconstrained by the truth, he is unconstrained by the law and he is unconstrained by his marriage vows.”

Vitter says his track record on this issue will help him gain votes. “We couldn’t have clearer differences between me and my opponent.  With the Obama moratorium I fought it every step of the way.  In fact, I personally blocked President Obama’s nominees in the U.S. Senate until he lifted the moratorium.”

Meanwhile, Edwards is tasked with winning Republican votes, but he says it’s not about right versus left.  “We’re going to roll up our sleeves, get to work and bring people together from all over the state, regardless of party, regardless of geography.  Work together to achieve compromise, work together for the common interest and I’m excited about the future of Louisiana.

Early voting begins on November 7

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