Voters elect K.P. Gibson as new Acadia Parish Sheriff

There will be a new sheriff in town in Acadia Parish.

Voters elected Crowley Police Chief, K.P. Gibson, as Sheriff-Elect on Saturday.

It’s been nearly 12 years since the parish saw a new sheriff, and after nearly 39 years in law enforcement, current Sheriff Wayne Melancon says he’s looking forward to his retirement.

“It was time for me to go. I’m ready. I’m looking forward to it. I really am,”

Melancon has been with the sheriff’s department since 1977 has served as sheriff for nearly 12 years “I started at the sheriff’s office as a patrol officer and worked all the way through to a Narcotics Officer, Detective, Chief of Detectives, Chief Criminal Deputy and in 2004 the people of Acadia elected me Sheriff,”

Now, Acadia Parish voters have elected Crowley Police Chief K.P. Gibson to be Melancon’s predecessor.

Gibson’s law enforcement career spans 25 years and has served as police chief since 2002.
The two met earlier this week about the transition. “We had a very good casual discussion about the transition. He told me his doors are open to work with me to whatever we need to do and it really makes it a lot easier when you have that relationship to work with,” Says Gibson.

Gibson plans to get to work as soon as he takes office in July. “We need to put as much manpower as we can on the road and that’s what the people wanted. Our plan for this campaign, our push for this campaign was the people’s plan,”

As for Melancon, he already has a list of activities planned to keep him busy during his retirement. “My main goal is to spend time with my grandchildren, my family of course. I like to hunt, fish; I shoot sporting clays. I play golf. So I have a lot to do. Like I tell everyone you know whatever my wife tells me to do, I do,”

Gibson will take office as Sheriff of Acadia Parish July 1, 2016.

The Crowley City Council has voted to hold a special election for police chief in March of 2016.


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