Dial Dalfred- Residents put up their own signs to stop excess traffic

Photo Credit: Dalfred Jones/KLFY

Residents of one Lafayette subdivision are fed up with the amount of traffic passing through their neighborhood. Others says it’s a public road with public access for a reason.

Signs have been put up over the past few days throughout the Fernwood subdivision. It reads, “Please respect our neighborhood. NO THRU TRAFFIC,” and the signature of the Fernwood Subdivision.

According to residents of the subdivision, people who don’t live there use the neighborhood as a shortcut from Johnston Street to Ambassador Caffery to avoid the typical back up on Robley Drive.

“People speed through the neighborhood. It’s been like that for years especially on Farmington which is the main road that goes through the neighborhood,” Nikki Landry told KLFY’s Dalfred Jones.

Landry says some of the residents have multiple children. She has one of her own that is often outside playing or riding bicycles when the speeders cut through. The home owners association did not receive any complaints from residents when they installed the signs.

Ronny Cockerham said “I think it’s a good thing, I really do and I’m really glad they put them up and I think everybody in the neighborhood will be happy.” Nikki Landry added, “I like the signs. I was happy that we had them. I noticed them a few days ago and I was like, good, thank goodness because it’s time for something like that. We need that.”

However, many of those who often use the public road as a shortcut, feel Fernwood residents don’t have the right to deny access to streets that are maintained by Lafayette taxpayers.

“When they approached us and showed us the signs showed us where they planned on putting them up and we let them know it’s not okay. They don’t have permission to put traffic signs up in the public right of way” Kevin Blanchard, Chief Development Officer with Lafayette Consolidated Government, told KLFY.

Blanchard says a letter will go out to the homeowners association asking them to remove the signs. He also says they are willing to discuss alternative solutions.

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