Opelousas takes prayer to the streets


The City of Opelousas took prayer to the streets for the first annual prayer walk for unity.


Opelousas Alderwoman Sharelle Roberts organized Thursday’s walk after residents expressed a need for community-wide prayer. “They would come to me and say why aren’t we praying? And I said okay we’re going to make it happen…”


Many, like Barbara Brooks, prayed for peace and an end to recent violence in the community. “That’s not the answer…things can be worked out without picking up a gun. I know it’s good to pray because my mother taught me to pray.  We have to start in the home with the kids today.”


At a time when tragedy seems to dominate headlines, Clarence Lazard, Pastor of Saint Luke Baptist Church in Opelousas says people are tired of the bad news. “It’s time for us to cry out to God…everything that we need is in the power of prayer.  There is healing, there is deliverance.”


Alderwoman Roberts hopes public prayer becomes a regular occurrence in Saint Sandry Parish.

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