Truck driver pulls wreck victims from partially submerged SUV

Photo Credit: Scott Fire Dept.

A truck driver saved two lives Saturday morning after a wreck on Interstate 10, eastbound, at mm 99.

Scott Fire Chief Chad Sonnier said the crash happened shortly before 3 a.m. when the driver of an SUV drove through the guardrail of a bridge, landing upside down in a ditch, and was partially submerged under water.

Sonnier said when emergency personnel arrived, they noticed a man standing near the vehicle in chest deep water with two semi-conscious females on the ground, at the edge of the water.

Firefighters and Acadian Ambulance personnel obtained the medical equipment needed to stabilize both patients, and then advanced to their location. A fire department ladder was deployed across the water, acting as a bridge, for emergency personnel to safely move the victims, to the ambulance.

Emergency personnel stabilized both patients and secured each of them to a spine board for transport to an area hospital.

The male, later identified as a truck driver, witnessed the crash. He stated to authorities that both females were ejected, and floating face down in the body of water when he jumped in and pulled both women to safety.

Sonnier said when the truck driver realized both females were safe and had the medical care they were in need of, he left the scene in his tractor-trailer, as if nothing happened.

“In today’s world, many are hesitant to assist total strangers. Emergency medical officials firmly believe this act of kindness, may have saved two lives,” Sonnier said.


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