Dial Dalfred- Contractor Confusion

Photo Credit: Dalfred Jones

A Franklin woman trying to make home renovations for her disabled husband now finds herself in a bind.

She says she paid a contractor more than $30,000 for an extension on her home that was supposed to be complete in a month.

 Ebony Hurst says the contractor got the frame for their bedroom done within four working days but has not seen him since.

“I’m not understanding, how could someone do this. I went through all of the steps! Researched him, asked about him, looked at the paperwork and I still got burned!”  said Hurst.

According to Hurst, she negotiated with contractor Rowdy Owens of Hebert’s Home Improvements.

Owens said he would need at least $30,000 to start the job, in the end, they agreed on $20,000, so Hurst cut the check.

“He said okay I’ll take the 20. I’ll take a week off to get the materials and the permit.”

After speaking with Owens over the phone, he says he was under the impression that Ms. Hurst was getting the permit.

“The kind of contractor license that I have, mine allows me to do jobs up to $7,500. If she pulls the permit that means I can actually do more” Rowdy Owens, the contractor hired for the expansion, told KLFY’s Dalfred Jones.

Owens said on several occasions he went to work on the home, but no one was there to give him access to electricity.

Both parties claim they made several attempts to reach each other and their calls went unanswered.

Hurst then got authorities involved. An inspector came to the home and said the work was not up to code and the footing was not properly in place; the ground beneath the feet need to be dug out to the clay, and straps were needed on the frame.

“None of the framework is like that. It’s an older home. We were building the house according to what the older home was with just a modern look to it” said Owens.

In the meantime, the Hurst family waits with only the standing framework of their dream master bedroom.  Hurst says she picked out the furniture, and has two storage rooms full of brand-new furniture, waiting for her bedroom.

During our conversation with Rowdy Owens, he said he plans on returning about $26,000, which is the total minus about $7,500 of labor and material loss.

“If Ms. Ebony would like for me to come and finish the job for her, I would love to finish the work for her,” Owens said.

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