Mosquitoes continue to thrive in November

Photo: KLFY


Acadiana has seen lots of rainfall which have been creating pools of water in the past few weeks. The temperatures have also been high which causes the perfect home for Mosquitoes.


These annoying insects are usually laying low by November, but that’s not the case this year.


Mosquito Control Contractors owner, Glenn Stokes says the excess pests are the result of the unseasonable weather we’ve been seeing lately. “When temperatures are warm and there are plenty of breeding sites with water they will go about life” Stokes adds, “We’ve had record drought. We’ve had record rain and record high temperatures”


Mosquitoes thrive in wet, warm areas like Acadiana. Chief Meteorologist, Heath Morton says the record high rains in October created the perfect breeding grounds. “So we had the drought in September and that lasted through most of October than we had the really heavy rain. All of that has combined for perfect conditions for the breeding grounds for mosquitoes and the warm temperatures too we really haven’t cooled off a lot.”


Not only are the bugs annoying, they may also carry diseases. Stokes Says a case of West Nile Virus was confirmed in Lafayette Parish. “Don’t forget all it takes is one bite to get West Nile. Just one Bite”


Stokes continued to say the mosquitoes will die off once we see continuous, cooler weather. “So if the temperature gets close to 50 or below 50 they can’t fly. They won’t mate, they won’t bite, they won’t transmit disease and they won’t spread.”

Even though we are entering the winter season stokes reminds people to always protect yourself against mosquitoes.

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