Warm weather makes this crawfish season ‘very promising’


Crawfish season kicks off in late October or early November, and people are ready to eat the tasty critters. T Bob’s seafood broiler, Billie Grater says they can barely keep them in the pots. “We sold out in an hour and a half yesterday. Over 200 pounds of crawfish gone in an hour and a half,”


Since the season just started not every restaurant can get ahold of what fishermen call seafood gold, and Chez Francois Seafood is one of the lucky ones and customers there couldn’t be happier.


“Every year at this time we get excited about crawfish,” Said Thomas Primeaux a customer, he admits the price for a pound right now may be more than some are willing to pay,  “If you can afford it that’s good. Later on in the season everybody will get their share,” and that’s exactly when he and his family will start peeling. “January, February and right around Easter will be great we have a bunch of family get-togethers and crawfish boils,”
One of the biggest factors affecting the crop this year though is the weather. Chez Francois’s sales manager, Heath Leger says this time last year temperatures were much lower which wasn’t good. He goes on to say warmer weather is always a good sign of what’s to come for the crawfish crop.


“It looks promising, the season looks very promising,” Grater adds the reason is quite simple.
“The colder it gets they bury themselves, so we get less crawfish because they hibernate,” Grater went on to tell KLFY that most Acadiana restaurants should have an abundance of crawfish by the beginning of the year.


Crawfish is about 5.50 a pound right now, but the price does change throughout the season.

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