Brown Patch

Today on your lawn and garden we’re getting for the fall in many different ways. First of all, we’re talking about brown patch. If you go outdoors and you see something that looks like a little spaceship landed, normally that is brown patch.

Usually in milder wet weather is when you’re gonna see that grow. Usually, they come back in the same areas every year. If you have low spots in your lawn where it doesn’t drain as quickly, that is usually where it will start and it can grow anywhere from there.  We have two products, we have a granular product, F-Stop, it does a great job, but even better as preventative. If you had a problem last year, put it out in that same spot. We have a liquid product that does the same thing with a hose in sprayer. If you have it already and use this you can at least slow it down. If it’s too bad you may have to plant rye grass. Which will come up quick and at least make it look better than having all the dead patches. Until next spring when they’ll fill back in again.

We have these leaf bags at the store. These last a long time. You can drag these, and they are three by five so you can fit a lot in there. Leaves, sticks, anything like that. This is the trick.

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