Residents race to beat the clock to load up on sandbags

As severe weather spread throughout Acadiana, residents raced to beat the clock by loading up on sandbags and residents in New Iberia are no stranger to the severe flooding that comes with heavy rainfall.



Robert Alexis, one of the workers with the public works department who stood outside from noon until 6 p.m. this Tuesday, filling, tying and loading sandbags says, “You really can’t leave out of your house at a certain time. You have to get what you need before the weather gets bad.” When asked why he’s out there he added, “It feels good to give to those who need it. A lot of people own businesses and it’s low where they are at. It’s not high above the ground and it tends to get flooded fast so we try to help out as much as possible.”


For residents like Jennifer Horton, She says having curbside assistance, is a lifesaver, “Rushed over here after getting off, trying to grab as many sandbags as possible so that it doesn’t get in our house this time.” Horton went on to tell KLFY, “You don’t have to bag anything yourself they are so nice. They load your car, quick and easy so we can get home and take care of what we need to take care of.”


For those in New Iberia, what never gets old, is the very serious danger that comes with the flooding, “Cannot get out, no one can get to us. You just hope that it recedes in time and doesn’t make it in.” Says Horton


After a long day, workers at the Fulton Street Site loaded over five hundred sand bags for residents.

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