Why the cast of NCIS: New Orleans loves South Louisiana

Photo Credit: KLFY

NEW ORLEANS (KLFY) – The cast and crew of NCIS: New Orleans are loving South Louisiana. Especially the food!

Scott Bakula: “Everyone has their own recipes. I love that.”

Shalita Grant: “Gumbo. French Bread. I love it all. Give it to me!”

Rob Kerkovich: “I’ve had to start eating salad. (But there’s) No better place to cheat (on your diet).”

But just eating is not enough for Darrel “Chill” Mitchell, who plays investigative computer specialist Patton Plame, “I love catching the food.”

Mitchell looks forward to coming to Lafayette to hunt the king of the bayous, “I want some of that gator. I will hop out the boat if it gets scary.”

Scott Bakula has never been to the Hub City but wants to make the trip, “It’s different culturally with food and music.”

That music, of course, is Zydeco, and it’s not the favorite of forensic scientist Sebastian Lund played by Rob Kerkovich, “I’m not a big fan of the Zydeco (music).”

If Kerkovich won’t come to Lafayette for the music he’ll definitely come for the food and that’s something Lucas Black knows all about, “I ate at Judice Inn. It’s incredible!”

While our region is known for its food, music, and culture, the cast of NCIS: New Orleans knows the people of South Louisiana are the real treasure.

Mitchell: “It’s the food, baby. I love it here. People make a place.”

Kerkovich: “Southern hospitality is a real thing.”

Bakula: “I have never been anywhere like this. They love the community aspect.”

NCIS: New Orleans airs every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on KLFY.

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