Freeze Cloths

Today on your lawn and garden we’re getting ready for the winter months, covering those plants if you don’t do it you could have a big problem. John, what do we cover them with?

Well, a freeze protection cloth which breaths so you don’t smother them. And it’s also gonna help your plants withstand the wind a lot better. The wind damage hurts your plants and dries them out also. This fabric is easy to lay over your plants and we have these pins, some people use bricks, to pin it down into the soil. Sometimes if it’s against the house you may have to tape part of it to the house. Mostly sensate plants. Camellias, Azaleas, things like that don’t need to be protected. You want to protect your hibiscus ad things like that.

 What do you mean when you say it breathes?

 Air can get through it. If you go with visquine it can’t breathe. If you leave it on there too many days and the sun comes out it can burn your plant. Where this product, you can leave to your plant for a week or two.

 And you can use it over and over?

 Over and over. Yes, sir.

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