Lafayette school board approves new tax proposals

Photo Credit: KLFY

The Lafayette Parish school board has approved two tax proposals for voters.

Some support the idea, but others need to know more before they’ll vote yes.

“We just got to see what they’re planning to spend and how reasonable it seems,” one resident said.

The board agreed to two new tax proposals. One would cover facilities and maintenance. District Planning Administrator Sandra Billeaudeau says the board will compile a list of construction projects such as air conditioners for gyms and building new schools.

The facilities list will show how the tax will be used. “The board is going to be charged with looking at the facilities listing and making the final determination,” Billeaudeau said.

The second tax proposal would be used for educational purposes and to provide school security, such as resource officers.  She explained since potential salaries are involved the tax has to be separate and for ten years, “We want the voters to know what we’re going to be spending their dollars in our parish.”

The planning administrator said that is 16 mills total.  A 16 mill tax was done away with in 2008 because it was no longer needed, “All we’re doing is asking the public to give us that millage back so that we cannot only build new schools but replace deteriorating facilities,” Billeaudeau said.

“They had a surplus of funds and they didn’t want to do anything with it; so why you want to get new taxes,” one resident told KLFY’s Renee Allen..

“I would think that anything to prosper here in Lafayette,” another voter told KLFY.

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