Who’s really seeing your Facebook activity?

Photo Credit: KLFY

Whether it’s at home, at work or on the go, most people constantly check Facebook.  But a closer look at your account settings reveals that your friends and family aren’t the only ones keeping tabs on you.

“We’ve been using Facebook for years so we don’t pay attention to what we’re signing (when you open an account),” Rachel Baum said.

“So it was actually kind of a surprise to me when I realized sites that I was going on or things that I liked were popping up (on Facebook),” she added.

At the bottom of your Facebook settings, you’ll find app and ads sections.

Go ahead take a look, it might surprise you that various companies have access to all kinds of information including your Facebook friends info too.

“It kinda feels like they’re reading my mail.  It’s kind of creepy.  They know what I like and what sites I would like and even sometimes it’s strangely personal and I’m just thinking how did they know I would like that I hope it’s by chance,” Baum said.

“My information is private and if I want to publish it or put it out then I think I should have the right to do that myself not some company invading my privacy. Because it’s not just about that individual that’s haphazardly putting their information out there, it’s about everybody else. Their family members, even military personnel and things of that nature,” Terrance Anderson told KLFY’s Lydia Magallanes.

The fact that Facebook has access to this much information makes a lot of people uncomfortable makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

At the same time, users also say it’s the nature of the beast.

“No matter where you put your information on the Internet, it’s not safe.  If you don’t want certain information on the Internet then don’t put your information on the Internet like your address, where you work where you go to school.  If you feel like that’s a big privacy issue then you shouldn’t put it on the Internet,” local resident Skye Longman said.

Nicholas Bailey explained, “By signing up for Facebook you’re using their service and I mean they’re not a charity so the way they make money is to use their consumers information to sell ads.  I would kind of rather see ads that are targeted towards me anyway versus just random products that I have no interest in or don’t want to see.”

The good news is that you can opt out of Facebook’s public default settings so that apps and other third party websites won’t have access to everything you like, share and even talk about on your account.

Click through the app and ad section in your settings and disable the feature.

According to Facebook’s Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when you signed up but probably didn’t read, nothing you do on the website is private.

To be fair, Facebook’s privacy policy is more than 5,000 words long.

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