Dial Dalfred- Coulee erroding grounds on Tabernacle of Hope church

Photo: KLFY


Tabernacle of Hope church in Lafayette has served as a place for worship, as well as a food pantry for those in need. However for the past four years, church leaders have noticed severe erosion in their back yard. A coulee is located behind church property which is eroding the earth beneath the foundation.


Hope Key, the assistant director and says she was told by parish officials, the erosion was caused by water draining from the church’s roof and parking lot, “We had our drain that comes from the roof, we had it fixed, we had it cleaned out, we had it changed.” Those changes included to the grounds were the addition of a wooden barrier installed and filled with dirt. She added, “The only thing I want to see done, Is what should be done. I want to see the city to take responsibility”


KLFY’s Dalfred Jones reached out to the Chief Administrative Officer for Lafayette Parish, Dee Stanley. He says that they are concerned about the erosion and that he is working with district five councilman Jared Bellard to schedule and onsite meeting with the public works department to assess the matter, “Of course we are concerned about the erosion on the channel. At the request of Councilman Jarred Bellard, we will schedule a meeting on site with public works department staff to assess this matter.”


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