Christmas trees for a second chance

Photo: KLFY

As the Thanksgiving holiday comes to an end, some didn’t waste any time and are already getting in the Christmas spirit.


At the Opelousas Lighthouse Mission, the selling of Christmas trees goes far beyond a profit; a percentage for the proceeds goes towards giving men in the area, a second chance.


Johnny Woodson is a local business owner partnering with Opelousas Lighthouse Mission. Woodson and his crew sell Christmas trees to support future expansion of lighthouse, “They have future hopes of building a new facility across the road that will house about 64 men and we’re hoping the sales of these trees will help speed that along.”


The shelter currently houses 32 men, one of them is Shaun Bourque who’s been with the mission for about two weeks and is already reaping the benefits, “It’s helping me focus on my relationship with Christ. It surrounds you with good people, creating friendships and it’s always good to have more friends in your life.”


This is the first year Woodson has partnered with lighthouse mission to sell trees, although they volunteer year round, “There’s so much that gets done here. It’s not just three squares and a bed, they get fed spiritually as well as physically.”


Woodson says their work isn’t for self-gratification, but for a much bigger cause, “To serve our community and this is just part of us being obedient to God’s word.”


If you are interested in buying a Christmas tree, the Lighthouse Mission is located at 704 West South St. in Opelousas.

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