Local man shows us what Thanksgiving is really about

Photo: KLFY

Cell phones give us the opportunity to text or call our loved ones during the holidays, and computers allow us to FaceTime or send an email. This thanksgiving one man is paying it forward and reminding us to be thankful for the gift of communication.


Inspired to help after hurricane Katrina, Tracy Hill sets up his table every Thanksgiving outside different shelters, “I’m from Florida and I couldn’t go home to see my family so I can’t go home to my family so I give back to the community by letting them make free calls and get on the internet.”


He says he doesn’t do it expecting any sort of reward, sometimes, he says, it’s just about hearing a loved one’s voice on the other line, “I had someone who hadn’t talked to her family in three or four years and just to see her talking to them, and she was crying, I said, see this is why I came out here.”


Because Hill couldn’t see family for the holidays he said he would communicate with them by phone, “I know there’s probably other people in the same predicament as me that don’t have no way to communicate.”


In an age when Social media dominates. This man spends his holiday giving, even if it’s sharing a simple call to a loved one, and this is his perfect picture of what a Thanksgiving should be.

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