Shoppers share reactions of Black Friday shopping

Photo: KLFY


After what some experts are saying was a slow start to the holiday shopping season, millions of Americans lined up outside of malls and shopping centers in the middle of the night.


With hopes of making it through the doors in time to snag some of the black Friday deals, KLFY’s Brheanna Berry went to the Acadiana Mall early this morning to catch some of those shoppers who braved the madness.


For most stores, the chaos began at 6 p.m. on Thursday night, “It was lines all the way from Victoria Secret all the way to the stand, we couldn’t even stand over here we tried stopping a lot of people we couldn’t even stand. Everyone was rushing through everywhere” one shopper told KLFY.


Most shoppers are trying to tackle their Christmas list, with the discounts that come on Black Friday of course, though some shoppers didn’t even sleep the night before, “Something I look forward to, I didn’t get any sleep.” Another shopper added.


When asked anyone got any of the deals or if everything was the same price, shoppers replied that they did get some great deals and were pretty happy about everything.


Overall Black Friday in Acadiana seemed to be a success.

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