After 10 years Lafayette Police Chief announces his retirement


After nearly four decades in law enforcement, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft announced his retirement. Craft says it was with mixed emotions that he made this decision, “I inform our community of my retirement from the Lafayette Police Department effective January 31, 2016.”


Chief Craft was surrounded by his wife, and their children when he made the announcement. Craft has served as police chief for 10 years, he says he made this decision nearly eight months ago, “This is not a sudden or impulsive decision. I notified LCG administration in April 2015 that January 31, 2016, would be my day.”


Craft says 39 years ago, January 31, became a special day for him, “That was the day I pinned on the badge.” He added that he is proud of his department, but what he will miss most is, working with the community.


Corporal Paul Mouton says craft will definitely be missed, “Kind of a bittersweet. Kind of very excited for him and that he would move into that next chapter of retirement and actively get a chance to live life with this family.”


As for what’s next, in addition to going on vacation with his family, Craft says there’s a certain sport he still has to master, “The first thing I’m going to do is hold a golf club correctly.” He added that he also plans to spend more time with his first born grandchild, Ian.


There is no word yet on who could be his successor, but chief Craft says there will be more announcements in the coming weeks about a few projects that are in the works for the department.

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