Air Force wives help out Texas family forced to drop everything to be by ailing daughter


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A Texas family left behind everything they had, as one woman’s daughter fights for her life in a New Mexico hospital. Now, the mother of three is getting some help from complete strangers.

A group of military wives hundreds of miles apart, are stepping up to lend a hand.

“She was running three miles a day, I mean very athletic,” Kelli Hager described her daughter, Starr. “She was in tennis, volleyball, basketball, baseball and swimming.”

Starr, 20, was a student at Texas Tech in Lubbock, with plans to join the Navy. But last year, her health took a turn.

“She thought she had a kidney infection,” recalled Hager.

Doctors now diagnosed Starr with six forms of Lupus, an autoimmune disease.

“She lost most of her friends and stuff when she got sick, so I’m the only thing that she has,” Hager told KRQE News 13.

Starr is Hager’s oldest child. The single mother of three picked up and left everything behind in Lubbock after Starr was air-lifted to Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque.

“I was driving back and forth since she’s been here, he had to go to school,” Hager said, motioning to Starr’s youngest brother, 10-year-old Truman.

“I decided that I couldn’t keep driving back and forth because that was the longest five hours of my life,” said Hager.

Hager and her two sons drove to Albuquerque with the clothes on their backs and what little items they could fit in their car.

Through a friend of a friend, Hager is now able to rent a small Albuquerque apartment by the week. The family just had electricity turned on Thursday. They’ve been sleeping on the floor.

Then, a Facebook post from Hager’s friend in San Antonio, reached a group of Kirtland Air Force Base wives in Albuquerque.

“We don’t know her, we just know she’s an Air Force wife out in San Antonio,” explained Kendra Haiduk. “When [she] put a post on our page asking if any of us Air Force wives could help her friend.”

Haiduk and Stacy Hass helped spread the word on social media sites. The last few days, they’ve been bringing by food, furniture, anything they can to help out Hager’s family.

“I kind of just cut myself off from the world, and for them to come in and help me,” Hager teared up, touched by the act of kindness.

The help has been a blessing from what were complete strangers, as the single mom fights by her daughter’s side.

“She’s a strong woman and she’s going to make it through this and we’re going to help her, we’re not gonna leave her alone,” said Haiduk.

The Hager family doesn’t know how long they’ll be in Albuquerque. Starr’s mom left school and her job to be with her daughter.

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