Bright spirited student collapses on the court

Teddy Daigle, a student at Holy Family Catholic School was playing in the last quarter of the high school’s basketball game when Daigle was taken out. He begged to go back into the game, with 40 seconds left in the match.

It’s something you never expect to happen, Daigle suddenly collapsed.


Holy Family was playing at the First Baptist Christian School gym, Principal Susan Emerson was at the game, “Our hearts are broken over a young 14-year-old.” She added, “He did receive quality medical assistance immediately. There was a doctor here at the game and immediately he came to the court to attend his needs.”


Daigle was taken to Lafayette General where he later died, “As we prayed you could feel the holy spirit being here and we could feel the presence of our lord and savior Jesus Christ,” Emerson said.


After the devastating news, Emerson says students were eager to show their support, “One of the students decided to call the teammates and said wear a white shirt and they brought a pen and they wrote Teddy’s name and his number on there just in respect for this child and his family,”


Robert Griffin, Principal of Holy Family Catholic says Daigle was a bright spirit, with a passion for finding Christ.


Daigle’s Classmates put together this journal with memories of their friend, “They’ll always remember this. They’ll always remember playing in a game with Teddy,” Emerson told KLFY.

The Holy Family Catholic School will hold a vigil Tuesday night at 8 P.M.

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