Santa hat, selfie, and social media: One creative way to give back this Dec.


The boys and girls club of Acadiana came up with a creative way to raise money this year that involves A Santa hat, a selfie, and social media.


Here is how it works, it is the same concept as the Ice Bucket challenge except you leave the Santa hat for friends, family, and nominees to find.

Put on a Santa hat and take a selfie. Then post your pic to social media with the one of these four hashtags  #givinggreatfutures, #helpingkidswithsantaslids, #boysandgirlsclubofacadiana, or  #bgclubsantaselfie.

Once you’ve posted your selfie to Facebook, twitter, or Instagram, or all three, make a donation to the boys and girls club of Acadiana. Then pass the hat along and “challenge” someone else.


Paige Kriegel, the Director of Resource Development of the Boys and Girls Club of Acadiana says, “It’s always important to give back to the boys and girls clubs because what we do for the kids in the community is incredible and these kids deserve our communities support.”

If you feel like a Santa’s hat just isn’t enough, you can be even more creative with the holiday cheer by trying a red nose, elf ears or Santa glasses.

Kriegel tells us “Anyone can be inspired to post Christmas pictures they want if they use our hashtags and go to our Santa site and donate.”

You can play along throughout the entire month of December.

The money raised will go to the boys and girls clubs in Lafayette, Opelousas, New Iberia and Abbeville.

The Boys and Girls Club of Acadiana has about 25 hats with their logo and the rules attached. These hats are being dispersed to local businesses across Acadiana.



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