Fire destroys local family’s home just before holidays

Photo Credit: KLFY

LAWTELL, La. (KLFY) – A family in St. Landry Parish is without a home after a fire destroyed their house Sunday.

The fire happened in the 1600 block of Highway 752 near Lawtell.

Investigators said the fire was caused by an electrical issue that started in a small building next to the home.

The fire spread to the home within seconds. Paul Batiste was the only one home when the fire started.

“I was watching the game and next thing you know there was a knock on the door. The little building was on fire and by the time I walked outside, I started putting the water hose on the house because it was too late for the building so the house wouldn’t catch on fire. The next thing you know, the wind just took it and everything started burning,” he told KLFY’s Jazmin Thibodeaux.

His parents have lived in the home for the past 12 years.

They had just started preparing for the holidays. The Christmas tree they have had for 31 years and all of this year’s presents were lost in the fire.

Paul Young, Batiste’s father, said his wife and three of their grandchildren were on their way home from buying more decorations when they discovered the fire.

“She was getting some more stuff when she come back she seen all the smoke from the down the road and she said I hope that’s not the house and she got closer and it was the house,”

The Youngs are now staying with relatives.

District Fire Chief Cory Fisher said it took about 10 fire trucks to put out the fire.

Since it was a total loss, the fire department is now lending a helping hand by accepting all donations on their behalf.

“We’re here to help. We’d like to have stopped it quicker, but I mean it takes a little time to get out. You get the operations going and it feels good to help out any way we can,” Fisher told KLFY.

The family said they know it will be tough this Christmas, but they’re grateful they have each other.

If you would like to help, call the St. Landry Parish Fire Department at 337-948-3045.

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