Residents: crime increasing in Surrey Street area

KLFY File Photo
Surrey Street and the surrounding area has recently experienced an increase in crime, according to residents.
And after the deadly shooting Thursday night, residents and business owners are concerned for their safety.

“It’s sad, sad for the area,” said Lauren Bouillion.

Over the past month, there have been several shootings in the McComb-Veazey area.

Including Thursday night’s fatal shooting in the 600 block of Surrey Street.

Warren Narcisse owns a barber shop just two blocks away.

Narcisse says he worries he might be the next victim.

“I’m very concerned, being that I’m out here and I’m making cash money, I think about being robbed lots of times, but all I can do is pray and ask God to watch over me,” said Narcisse.

Larry Wilson, Pastor of True Vines Ministry, believes the recent spike in crime comes from unemployment.

“People not working, men not working, and not having jobs and stuff, sometimes they get into other things. Some people do it for survival, some just do it because they have nothing else to do,” said Wilson.

Lauren Bouillion owns Kirk’s You-Needa-Butcher Meat Market.

Bouillion says the crime rates have risen since they bought the store five years ago.

“The first four years you didn’t hear anything about crime and unfortunately in the past year it has gotten really bad,” said Bouillion.

Bouillion says it makes her sad to see the community in fear.

“It’s just upsetting. This area was doing so well and we’re part of the McComb-Veazey Coterie and we want to make this area better. And every time we try to do something it always seems that something is setting us back,” said Bouillion.

Lafayette Police is reviewing surveillance video from the surrounding area, as this is an ongoing investigation.
The suspects are described as two black males with dark colored hoodies.

Lafayette Police ask that if anyone has any information about the shooting to please contact the police department or call Crime Stoppers at 232-TIPS.

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