School officials listen to student opinions on new high school


Discussion continues about the new high school in Youngsville.

School officials heard from those who will be affected the most, students.

District Planning Administrator, Sandra Billeadeau, talked with students at Comeaux High School for their input.

“They were trying to decide school colors and school names,” said Emily Lainey, a ninth grader at Comeaux.

As of now there are four names to choose from; Youngsville High, Caneview, Cypress, and Veterans Memorial.

Billeadeau said, since students are the ones most affected by the decisions made, she decided to start with the visual arts class to get their creative input. Many of them were excited to have their voices heard.

“Mainly, their take was they wanted to know if they were going to have a pavilion or some type of courtyard,” Billeaudeau told KLFY’s Jazmin Thibodeaux.

She added, “I did tell them about some colors that had been suggested. Orange, silver, and white, and being the artist that they are, they were like… hmm no we don’t think so.”

Students also did not agree with their mascot suggestions of the Hurricanes or Tigers.

“We were thinking maybe like a wolf. I don’t know. They wanted like some animals that’s like tough, but I don’t know, we haven’t decided yet,” Lainey added.

Billeaudeau said this is just one of many classes that she plans on speaking to in reference to the school.

The students’ ideas will be submitted to the school board for review.

Billeaudeau said she plans on meeting with middle school students in Broussard, Youngsville and Milton after the Christmas break.

The high school is expected completion date is August 2017.

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