LCG pays for new firefighters needed across the parish

Photo Credit: KLFY

Additional firefighting help is on the way for several municipalities in Lafayette Parish.

The parish is providing the funds to pay for more positions.

Lafayette Consolidated Government will create eight new part-time firefighter positions that will serve in the parishes outlying municipalities.

Scott, Broussard, Youngsville, and Carencro will each gain one new position.

Judice and Milton will gain two new firefighters

Scott Fire Chief Chad Sonnier told KLFY’s Bhreanna Berry, “Granted you’re not going to get all the things you need to do in a forty hour week, one guy working twenty-nine hours a week. But it’s a start. He can get in, make sure the trucks are working properly and whenever there’s a call at that time he can get the truck to that call.”

Funding for Judice and Milton went into effect in June.

The other locations went into effect on November 1.

“We already filled it, we have that guy working nights. What we did was shift the guys around, so we have five guys during the night and one guy at night with the volunteers,” Sonnier explained.

The idea for the funding came about after the results of a national analysis of Lafayette Parish showed there just wasn’t enough experienced firefighters on the clock and that stations are heavily relying on volunteers, even lacking at times.

“Volunteers aren’t as abundant as they used to be. The goal here is basically to put somebody in working daytime when the volunteers are working their full-time jobs,” Sonnier said.

The chief said this is not the end. He hopes to join with other fire chiefs in the parish to meet with the new city council in January to discuss more ideas.

The town of Duson is also funding a second new part-time position on its own, as part of the town’s funding agreement with the parish government.

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