Dial Dalfred- Raw Sewage Backup

Wilfred Stelly and his family are fed up after what some say have gone on for years. We’re talking about sewage backing up the yard and sometimes the bathtubs and sinks inside the home.

“I have a 20-month-old stepdaughter who lives with me and my wife is currently seven months pregnant,” said Wilfred Stelly, who came home after work one afternoon and his yard was filled with water.

While searching for the source, he noticed bubbling coming from the sewage pipe.

“Upon me looking at the drainage and uncovering it, I noticed that the pipes were collapsed. The people are telling me in the neighborhood that they’re tired of smelling my sewage,” Stelly told KLFY’s Dalfred Jones.

He spent more than $800 digging up and replacing drainage lines.

Once Stelly realized there was a much bigger problem, he went to parish government, “I waited two weeks, the contractor still didn’t show up. I tried calling Mr. Bill Fontenot’s office, I didn’t get a response back from him.”

We were able to reach St. Landry Parish President, Bill Fontenot. He told us he is aware of the problem and a more than $80,000 contract for drainage work along Boudreaux Road has been approved and the work should begin within a month.

“At times, there are people in a bind that can’t wait. So, that’s why I am authorizing our forces to get involved immediately to give some temporary relief until our contractor comes in here and does the work we have contracted for,” Fontenot told KLFY.

Before 2 p.m. Tuesday, construction began to repair the line causing back up at the Stelly residence.

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