Rat Killers

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about those little rodents that make their way into your yard. What do you do about them? How do you get them out of your yard? John, you have a couple of suggestions.

 Once the cool weather knocks on our door, they’re looking for a place. There’s different baits out there. This one comes with the box that you put your baits in so your animals can’t get to it. We also have the Ramik which is in bars which you can put out. The larger the package that the rat poison comes in is the stronger bait which will look better. They’re gonna com in large containers which have 8 of them per box. This is the stronger bait. We have one called Just One Bite and this Havoc which comes in a ten pound package. The other products work they just aren’t as strong as these.

 People that want to use it outside, they have these bait boxes and what you can do is put your bait in and it locks up with a key to open it again. It’s very safe keeping your dogs and cats away from it.

 A lot of people are complaining about moles. They uproot the ground and make a raised area, about 2 to 4 inches. This is a killer, which comes down and knives them. This works well too it is a repellant that you just spray over the top pf the ground in the area that they are and it repels them gets them out of the area, hopefully they find a new home.

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