Tuesday marks last meeting for Durel, four councilmen

Photo Credit: KLFY

Four Lafayette City-Parish council members will be saying farewell at their final council meeting on Tuesday night.

The same goes for Lafayette Consolidated Government’s President Joey Durel.

Councilmen Brandon Shelvin and Andy Naquin lost their seats in the run-off elections. Don Bertrand and Keith Patin decided not seek another term.

It’s been a long and sometimes bumpy road for these consolidated council members. These nine men have voted on local legislation that has sometimes changed both the state of Lafayette Parish and the people within it.

On Tuesday,  Don Bertrand will cast his final series of votes.

For Bertrand this is it.  “People always say that when they leave office they’re looking forward to spending more time with family and that’s absolutely true. When you do this type of thing you get pulled away quite a bit,” he said.

LCG Councilman Bertrand answered with no hesitation when asked about what accomplishment he’s most proud of, “Greatest accomplishment?  Wow, maybe surviving! I can’t pick out one, because there have been some many great things happen.”

Bertrand said those great things range from the development of the Horse Farm to the comprehensive plan being revealed Tuesday night.

Tuesday is also the last council meeting for Joey Durel. Durel served three terms as consolidated government president.

“I hope we will be judged by our body of work, because there’s no one single thing that makes a difference in a community. It’s everything,” Durel added.

He will also walk away with the knowledge that the decisions he made were with Lafayette in mind:

“There’s nothing that I feel disappointed about or nothing that I regret. I could have said some things different and done a few things different; but as far as the initiatives or the things that we did there is nothing that I would undo.”

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