David Duboin Bridge re-opening after five years

Photo: KLFY

After being closed for five years, the David Duboin Bridge is finally re-opened.

“It’s really put a hamper on things around here,” a local business owner told KLFY’s Carly Laing.

The bridge runs over the Rodere Canal, providing a quick route to the Port of Iberia.

During the long closure, it took travelers fifteen minutes to get to the other side of the canal, creating a major headache for residents and businesses.

Reaux lives on Avery Island road, just a couple miles from his work on the other side of the bridge. He says he and many others are looking forward to a quicker ride to work after all these years. “[It’s] About a six-mile detour going, six miles going back home and coming to work in the morning,”

Vice President and General Manager of “Dale McAnally Inc.” says his company make deliveries to the Port of Iberia several times a week, “Our trucks can’t get in and out like they want. Most of our trucks are coming from the Port of Iberia and instead of cutting across right here they have to go all the way around, which is basically a great big circle,” he added that he is looking forward to his first delivery on the other side of the bridge.

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