First Responder Medical Kits provided to St. Landry Parish Deputies

Medical Kit Contents
Medical Kit Contents

St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby J. Guidroz has worked with Doctor Michael Felton to design and fund advanced first responder medical kits, called IFAK (Individual First Aid Kits), which will be issued to all P.O.S.T. certified deputies in the parish.

These kits include the latest trauma bandages and tourniquet systems designed to treat gunshot and stab wounds, as well as serious injuries like compound-fractures.

Dr. Felton, is also a commissioned reserve deputy for St. Landry Parish and has been assigned the position of Search and Rescue and S.W.A.T. medical officer.

Funding for the project was sought out from St. Landry Crime Stoppers and the Wound Treatment Center at Opelousas General Hospital. Funding and personal assistance was also received from Ms. Camille Dawson More, Dr. Kerry Thibodeaux, Mrs. Vicki Boudreaux, and many others.

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