Help for the Holidays: Grandmother receives Christmas surprise

Cathy Armstrong, the grandmother who received a Christmas surprise. Photo: WJHL

GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – The holidays can be a tough time for many families, especially when money is tight. For one grandmother in Greene County, this year is proving to be a challenging one.

Cathy Armstrong and her husband fought for nearly a year and a half to get their two granddaughters, Hope and Skylar, out of foster care.

With two more mouths to feed, Cathy said it’s been a daunting task.

“When it was just my husband and myself it was different, but over the last couple of years we’ve just took some hard knocks that really leveled us,” she said.

Cathy and her husband are using their money towards basic needs for the girls like medical bills, with not much left over for Christmas presents.

“When you tell your [grand]children Christmas morning when they get up and see that there’s nothing under the tree, it’s hard to explain that to a child,” Cathy said.

That’s why Cathy reached out to News Channel 11 for our “Help for the Holidays” to find a way to give her granddaughters a Christmas.

One family, with two little girls of their own, were touched by Cathy’s story and wanted to make this Christmas a memorable one for Hope and Skylar.

The family, who wants to remain anonymous, went out and bought everything on the girls’ Christmas list.

From rain boots to craft kits and even to dolls, Cathy was overwhelmed by the generosity.

“Thank you. You have no idea how you have touched two little girls,” Cathy said. “It means more than I can say.”

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