Louisiana State Police indicts “Gremlins” Gang members in Abbeville

(Photo Credit: Corwin Hall, KLFY)

In Abbeville, a year-long investigation has targeted 17 suspected gang members.

On Monday, Louisiana State Police announced members of a gang called “Gremlins” are operating within Acadiana.

LSP Superintendent Colonel Michael Edmonson says 10 arrests have been made so far.

” What we’re finding is these cases are turning into other cases,” explains Col Edmonson.

15th Judicial Court District Attorney Keith Stutes says the gang is believed to have been operating in various parishes throughout Acadiana.

State police explain the alleged crimes include homicide, intimidation of witnesses and distributing narcotics.

“It’s been historically associated in the area of North Abbeville. Primarily focused in the areas of Hayes and Oak Streets,” says Stutes.

Vermillion Parish Sheriff Michael Couvillon says no community should have to live in fear – not in Vermilion parish and not any where.

“The ‘Gremlins’ joined an organization and they call it a gang. Well, law enforcement made their organization and they call it a task force,” adds Couvillion.

The Abbeville Police Chief says he’s heard the complaints and people saying they’re afraid.

Chief Tony Hardy explains the task force and what it will be doing to restore calm back to Abbeville.

“It can be as simple as a a traffic stops all the way up to the FBI. We got city police, the sheriff’s office and state police,” notes Chief Hardy.

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