Local reactions to last minute Christmas shopping

During the week of Christmas traffic becomes an even bigger nightmare than the typical 5 o’ clock rush as roads and stores become congested with last minute holiday shoppers.

“Lines are stupid long.  It’s crazy,” says Kiara Jones who came to the Acadiana Mall to pick up last minute gifts.

“Good thing it only comes once a year because I’ve had enough!” says Michael Romero on his way to two more destinations before calling it quits for the night.

Whether it’s out of necessity or simply procrastination, waiting until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts is as much part of the holiday season as taking pictures with Santa at the mall.

Priscilla Thanni says she didn’t think shopping last minute would be so hectic, “It took me like an hour and a half to get here for a normal 45-minute drive. There’s so much traffic. I came here to get all my babies last minute stuff because Baton Rouge has nothing so we came here. I learned my lesson this year. Next year I’m going to do it (Christmas shopping) in November and be done for December.”

“A few items that we weren’t able to purchase at other places so we had to run around and find last-minute things. Some people had it, but they were out so we had to go around and try to pick and choose and find the last minute things,” says Romero.

And for the people who will have to brave the holiday rush on Christmas Eve, local last minute shoppers offer a little advice.

“Get up early don’t wait until the last minute,” says Thanni.

“Definitely know what you want to come to the mall for before you come. Just know what you’re looking for and know exactly what store you want to go into and whatever you want to buy,” says Brailyn Francis.

Romero adds, “Hustle and bustle fight your way through the lines or whatever and you just have to be patient that’s all.”

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