Camp Bow Wow, a Lafayette dog resort

Photo: KLFY

Holidays can be a very stressful time for pet owners. Many people are traveling and have to leave pets behind, but one business has found a solution,

Camp Bow Wow a place where you can feel at ease when dropping off your furry friend.

Camp Director, Heather Lynn Theriot, says things get pretty hectic around Christmas, “It’s one of the busiest. It’s what keeps us in business for the rest of the year. We get to meet a lot of new faces. It’s really exciting for us,”

But this isn’t your ordinary doggie boarding it’s a doggie resort.

Theriot says their goal is to make your pet’s stay feel more like a vacation.

“Our dogs here are guaranteed eight hours of play time, they are socialized, they are out stretching their legs. So it’s the exact opposite while the dogs are here they can have spa days, we have training and we have in-home-care,”

Camp Owner, Suzette Fowler, says that checking on your fur baby is as easy as clicking a button, “Not only do we have the cameras you can access through our website, we have an iPhone app. So that’s just really a big asset so customers can look at their family members playing through the iPhone app,”

Theriot says they do their best to make the holidays just as merry and bright for your four legged friends.

“There’s sometimes a kindergarten moment, if you will, where they look back at their parent, but as soon as they cross those doors they book it to the back of the yard. There’s nothing sad about it, our dogs love it here. It’s wonderful,”

Camp Bow Wow is expecting close to one hundred and ten campers this Christmas.

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