Vidalia Preps for Flooding

Courtesy: KNOE

VIDALIA, La (KNOE 8 News) – Cities along the Mississippi river are bracing for possible flooding.
One of those cities includes Vidalia.

Maintenance workers at Comfort Suits are making preparations, before the Mississippi River floods.

The Mississippi River’s flood stage is at 48 feet, but right now it’s sitting at 49 feet.

The National Weather Service has predicted the water to rise another 11 feet, to 60 feet.

Maintenance Manager Mike Morace said rising waters will cause drainage problems.
“We have three drains that drain from areas of the parking lot into the Mississippi river just for rain water. As the river comes up it covers these drains. If the drains aren’t plugged; the water will come up into the parking lot”, said Maintenance Manager Mike Morace.

The city is bracing for the high waters with the help of 2,000 Hesco Baskets.
They are expecting flooding in the River Walk area.

“Hesko Baskets are three and a half feet high. They are 15 feet long, and fill with sand. It’s like a mini levee. We changed a little bit this year from 2011. Instead of putting them around each individual building, we’re going to put the Hesko Baskets up and down riverfront. So we can make sure we won’t get water on any of the roads; or interior of river front.”, said Mayor Hyram Copeland of Vidalia.

They will start placing the Hesco baskets along riverfront in a few days.
The city of Vidalia expects the water to continue to rise; until January 17th.

For more information on current conditions visit:

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