Henderson Lake residents preparing for high water

Photo: KLFY

Friday morning, residents in Henderson Lake were relocating houseboats and securing property with high water expected in the near future.

Murray Douglas is in town visiting from Canada, he says he had to go move his houseboat around due to not knowing what the river level will be.

A business owner on Henderson Lake, David Allemond says they plan on remaining open unless authorities say otherwise, “We’re just playing it by ear and moving docks and getting things off the ground.”

Henderson Mayor, Sherbin Collette is a commercial fisherman when not running the town, so he always monitors river levels. Thursday night, he saw a positive sign in the Mississippi. “One good thing I saw this morning, Baton Rouge is going to crest at 43.5 instead of 44.”

But, as the Mississippi dropped by at least a half foot, the Atchafalaya rose by a little less than an inch, “The river came up a little over 4/10 last night, we (Henderson Lake) came up in the lake less than 4/10” said Mayor Collette.

Photo: KLFY
Photo: KLFY

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers held a public meeting in Butte La Rose, Thursday. Mayor Collette says he was pleased with the result, and spoke highly of Colonel Rick Hansen, “When he walked in, he walked up to the mic and he told the people, I’m not her to tell you, he picked up his arm way high, he said, I’m not here to tell you people the water is going to be this high, I’m here to tell you what we think is going to happen.”

Forecasts project the Atchafalaya to crest at 22 feet in Butte La Rose; flood level is 20 feet.

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