Texas girl found after missing more than 4 months

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The girl taken from her home in Horseshoe Bay in August 2015, has been found safe in Charlottesville, Virginia.

8-year-old Margo Murdock was reported missing since Aug. 18 by her grandmother, Sandy Hayes, who is her legal guardian.

“Until she’s back it doesn’t seem real,” said Margo’s grandmother.

Police just confirmed that Margo had been living with her mother, 28-year-old Sonja Murdock, who had an outstanding warrant for her arrest after breaking her probation. The warrant out for Sonja was after she was charged with the aggravated robbery of a Marble Falls Chili’s in 2012.

Police were able to find Sonja in Charlottesville using an alias around 6:00 p.m. Jan. 7. Horseshoe Bay investigators assisted the Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office by providing Sonja’s whereabouts at a Charlottesville address. After Sonja was taken into custody she told police Margo was staying with a friend.

KXAN reached out to Sandy Hayes, who said she is in shock. “Until she’s back it doesn’t seem real,” said Hayes.

Sonja Murdock mug shot
Sonja Murdock mug shot

Margo is now with the Albemarle County Virginia Department of Social Services. Horseshoe Bay Police are working with Virginia officials to return Margo to Texas. Sonja is currently in custody at the Albemarle County Jail. The warrant was issued from the District Court in Burnet, Texas.

According to the Horseshoe Bay Chief of Police, Rocky Wardlow, they are arranging the extradition of Sonja to Burnet County.


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