Video shows motorcyclists doing stunts on highway in front of cops

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Video shows motorcyclists doing stunts on the highway right in front of cops.

The riders can be seen standing on their seats near the Big I.

“The driver is playing Russian roulette,” said Sgt. Elizabeth Armijo with State Police.

The tricks don’t stop, even after cops get involved. State Police calls the video foolish.

“People do these things in the moment, they look like they’re fun and they can lead to serious consequences and it’s not worth it,” said Sgt. Armijo.

While the video doesn’t show if the rash riders eventually pull over, it does show them keeping police on edge for a good while.

“Well it’s pretty surprising I guess that it continued to happen even when the police came up,” said one Albuquerque resident.

“I guess they thought maybe they could outrun them, I don’t know, but that’s not something that should be done on the freeways,” said another resident. “It’s just not safe at all.”

Police said reckless riding in Albuquerque is unfortunately somewhat common.

Another video taken by KRQE News 13 near I-25 and Lead shows high-speed motorcyclists running a red light. The video then shows one rider popping a wheelie through two red lights.

“When a motorcyclist decides to drive in such a manner, he’s not only affecting himself but the drivers and other vehicles in the area,” said Sgt. Armijo.

For many people in Albuquerque, these videos communicate a strong message.

“It shows that they don’t care or don’t want to follow rules,” said a resident.

“If not caught, they might get bolder and do crazier things,” said another person.

State police said doing stunts while on the road is reckless and illegal.

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