Crowley City Council approves pay raise for police officers

Photo Credit: KLFY

CROWLEY, La. – In November voters agreed to rededicate tax money to raise pay for police officers.

But now city firefighters are saying the money should be divided to increase their pay as well.

“This year alone we’ve lost ten police officers in a fourty man department,” Police Cheif K.P. Gibson told KLFY’s Brheanna Berry.

The force is already down three men, and with outside departments offering higher pay and Gibson is having trouble keeping a full staff.

The city council meeting started at 6 p.m. and right away things got heated.

“Duson pays three-thousand dollars a month starting pay. some of my starting line captains don’t make three-thousand dollars a month and they’ve been here for twenty years.” Gibson said.

Although firefighters were briefly discussed, the conversation only circulated around pay for police officers.

Voters agreed to approve a one-half percent sales tax nearly three months ago.

Meant to raise the starting pay for police officers by $500 a month.

An amendment was proposed to lower the amount to $400 during the meeting.

The council approved the original amendment of $500.

A 90-day probation period before a new officer could receive the raise was also passed.

The raise will take effect on April 1st.

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