Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about what is it and why do we have to do it, well we also have to have some tools for it.

January and February are the best times to do pruning, but you can also do some light pruning throughout the year on certain things. This is the time of year that if you have oak trees or whatever that you need to cut back you should do it.  For your larger limbs, this bow saw works very well. Anything this couldn’t handle you’d probably need to get a professional. These loppers right here are good for a two-inch limb. It also has an extension to make it longer or shorter.

What you have there are hand-pruners for roses and stuff like that. In February, you can cut your roses back down to about 12 inches from the ground. Those are very sharp, watch your fingers.

The thing not to do at this time is prune your azaleas or camellias. You’ll be removing the flowers that are gonna be blooming. You want to wait until after they have flowered, Azaleas, Camelias, Gardenias. You have a bout two or three months after they’ve flowered to prune them. After that it may be too late they’re already making buds for the following year.

After or before you use your tools be sure to Clorox them real good so you aren’t spreading any disease. Pruning is healthy for the plants and encourages new growth.

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