Pres. Obama visits Baton Rouge in historical visit

Photo: KLFY

McKinley High School in Baton Rouge was filled with supporters that came out Thursday to see President Barack Obama speak during his first visit to the capital city.

President Obama began by commending Governor Edwards for signing the executive order that will expand health care to an additional 300,000 Louisiana residents, “Providing them with the financial security of health care. It was the right thing to do and by the way, it will actually help the state’s finances” said the president.

The president also mentioned several goals he would like to accomplish before leaving office, such as criminal justice reform for nonviolent drug offenders, “How can we make sure the sentencing is proportional? How do we make sure that when they’re released that there’s a transition process for them? How do we lift up all the outstanding employers who are willing to give people second chances?”

President Obama took questions from the audience, one from Anjana Turner, a law student at Tulane. Turner sought advice on how to be more like the president and First Lady.

Turner tells KLFY’s Dalfred Jones, “What I gained from that is the fact that he was really more concerned about how everyone else had impacted him along the way…to surround yourself with positive people who motivate you.”

The President also mentioned the possibility of creating legislation to allow two years of community college at no cost to responsible students.

Following the address, the president shook hands and took photos with several of his supporters.

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