Acadiana real estate agents gift Lafayette PD with new trauma kits

Downed Officer Trauma Kits can be the difference between life and death for officers and the communities they serve…that’s why a local group of realtors raised money to purchase kits for the Lafayette Police Department.

“From bandages to gauze to scissors and a tourniquet.” says Aimee Landry as she pulls out items from a trauma kit.

When Lafayette Police Officers responded to the July 23rd shooting at the Grand Theater, trauma kits were used to treat victims.

Providing more kits became the mission of agents at Keller Williams Realty of Acadiana.

Aimee Landry, a realtor at Keller Williams led the initiative and says it’s the least they can do after the tragedy.

“It’s just shocking. You know, you see it on the news but you never really think it’s going to happen in your town. It’s sad and of course everyone is like how can I help? We formed a committee called Lafayette Strong and we decided to help the Lafayette Police Department.”

Landry, along with six other realtors and at least 17 sponsors worked in their spare time to put on a drive thru spaghetti dinner and raised about $8,000.

“100 percent of the proceeds from the ticket (for spaghetti dinners) sales went towards purchasing kits. It was even raining that day and people still came out and supported it so we were excited.”

At 78 dollars a piece, Landry and her team purchased 100 kits to present to LPD on Thursday.

“Hopefully it can help them (officers) and the community.” says Landry.

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