New Iberia Mardi Gras Parade cancelled

For the first time in more than two decades… the Krewe of Andalusia parade in New Iberia will not roll through the streets.

For the past 26 years the crew of Andalusia has rolled down Main Street in New Iberia. But this Friday Main Street will be empty after the parade was officially canceled.

Tens of thousands of parade goers usually flock to the see Andalusia roll on it’s usual friday night.

26-year krewe member and parade organizer, Andy Soileau says after the krewes captain retired last year, finding his replacement hasn’t been easy.

“The cost of providing a parade which with security in cleanup is just growing and growing, insurance for the floats, so there’s multiple factors on why,” Said Soileau.

Andalusia has about 240 riders.

Soileau says as costs increase the number of riders have not, ultimately causing the krewe to sit this year out. “We were hoping to have an association to come up and step up and take it over. You almost need to have fundraisers to put on to cover some of the costs,” Said Soileau.

Kyla Reagan says she grew up watching this parade and not having it this year makes this mardi gras a hard one.

“I think this year is the first year that we would just be disappointed. Our family not being able to do it all together and to bring out the community to have fun,” Said Raegan.

Soileau is now asking the community step up and support this longtime tradition.

“Several players in this community you know, parish in city. Try to help motivate them to get someone to help take over,” Said Soileau.

He says they initially had a replacement for the krewe’s captain, but the downturn in the oil and gas industry rained on that parade.

“We thought we had someone but there plans changed this year also, you know they’re oil field related,” Said Soileau.

“Somebody can step up to the plate and do the job that needs to be done,” Said parade goer Terrie Francis.

Soileau says folks should remain excited about next years grade which he hopes will be bigger and better.


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