St. Martin Parish High School student charged with carrying dangerous weapon on campus

Signs warning people about bringing guns on school property can be seen on many campuses across the country.

In Breaux Bridge one student found out the hard way that this not only applies to firearms.

17 year old Kalobe Rigney, was arrested Monday by St. Martin Sheriff’s Deputies after information was given to the school resource officer that Rigney was in possession of brass knuckles.

Breaux Bridge police chief, Rollie Cantu says, brass knuckles are dangerous in the wrong hands, even deadly in some cases.

Cantu says, “It’s used to hit somebody and inflict severe body damage to the face, mainly to the face, and body parts. If hit in the right place it could even cause death.

We don’t know why Rigney had the weapon, but Chief Cantu can only come up with one conclusion.

“You bring weapons on the school grounds, mainly for one intention, is to do bodily harm to somebody else.”

Whether Rigney was a bully or was being bullied, the penalty for possessing brass knuckles on schools grounds is pretty steep.

“If he is convicted on a felony charge, which under Louisiana criminal code, bringing a weapon on to school grounds, he could be paying fines up to $2000 and go to jail from 1 to 5 years with or without hard labor.””

Major Ginny Higgins with the St. Martin Parish Sheriffs Office says the case is still under investigation.

Kalobe Rigney
Kalobe Rigney


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