A magical experience: Filipino woman sees snow for first time visiting Green Bay

Photo Credit: WBAY

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) — We often hear about all the problems with the snow, but imagine simply seeing it as an adult for the first time.

We caught up with a woman visiting Wisconsin, who thinks the snow is magical.

If you grew up in the Midwest, you’ve seen it all when it comes to snowstorms, and you probably even have plenty of words to describe them.

But chances are, it’s not like this.

“Wow! Wow! Just… it left me in awe! Wow! This is new to me, and it’s pretty! Very beautiful!” says Jattiel Renta.

She’s from Manila, Philippines, where there is no such thing as snow.

“In Manila, it’s like winter there right now, but it’s really still warm,” says Jattiel.

In fact, she says it’s about 77 degrees there now. That’s about as cold as it gets — ever.

Jattiel is in Green Bay for a month as a contractor working on a project for Wisconsin Public Service.

Like a child at heart, she’s embracing the chill of winter, jumping in the snow just to see what her footprints look like.

Tuesday, she even took the long way back to her hotel so she could soak it all in.

“My friends keep telling me, you have to do the snow angels, sledding, and then snowmobiling… I don’t know!” laughs Jattiel.

We helped her out with learning how to make snow angels.

No longer a rookie, she can’t wait to share this experience with her friends and family back home.

“Everyday I send picture, and they telling me, bring some snow back here when you go home,” says Jattiel.

While that’s not going to happen, she is loving mother nature’s gift, letting her live a fantasy she’s only ever seen in movies.

“It looks pretty to me!” she exclaims.

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