KLFY Anchor Darla Montgomery shows us her prep work in anticipation of Superbowl 50

I know, I know, The Saints are not in the Superbowl, but i am wearing my jersey anyway because i love my team.

So whatever team you’re supporting – the big game is right around the corner and it’s time to plan your menu so you check the refrigerator to make sure you’re stocked up and maybe use your favorite cookbook – and of course there’s the internet with plenty of ideas…hmmmmm…

From very fancy and impressive sandwiches in a stadium designed display complete with both teams made of olives…to sweet treats and hors d’ouervres shaped like footballs – there’s plenty to choose from – and that includes traditional favorites – but, if you’re from acadiana…

gumbo! boudin and cracklins – hot wings – gumbo!

You can’t go wrong with local fare!

And how about team spirit? talk about going all out! we found this guy while cruising facebook. he hosts his own superbowl game complete with a game winning trophy and that’s great!

But if you decide to keep it simple, it’s time to look at viewing and seating arrangememts. so we headed over to our friends at olinde’s furniture to fin the most suitable recliner. there were many to choose from – including very firm to some that were too comfortable. but eventually we found a winner!

Of course wide screen tv’s make for better viewing by everyone.

So it’s safe to say that in the end, perhaps what matters most, is having the best seat in the house…

…If you can get it.

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