Owner hopes to return Cajun Sno better than before

Photo Credit: KLFY

After a fire destroyed Cajun Sno snowball stand, the owner tells KLFY she will be reopening this spring and the stand will be bigger and better than ever.

“You couldn’t tell from the outside of the building, but as soon as I got out of the car I could smell. I walked to the back door and I just knew. something and when I opened it, it was just black. Completely black,” owner Robin Chevailer said.

The fire was ruled an accident but it brought down the popular snowball stand after nearly 30 years of operation.

Chevalier says the community’s support is what encouraged her to reopen.

“The amount of people wanting to come by, volunteering. It’s been great, sorry I just get a little choked up. Um overwhelmed, overwhelmed at this point,” she told News 10’s Brheanna Berry.

She plans on making the new Cajun Sno better than before with a few upgrades.

“The handicap ramp in the front. We are going to have two windows for drive through to get people in and out faster, so the wait times won’t be as long hopefully. Just a completely different setup,” Chevalier explained.

An exact date for the reopening hasn’t been set just yet.

But Chevalier hopes to be serving stuffed snowballs once again by the end of the month.

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