Petition started to rename Ind. school after principal who died pushing kids away from moving bus

Photo Credit: WISH-TV

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — More than 160 people have signed a petition to rename Amy Beverland Elementary after Susan Jordan, the principal who died last week pushing kids away from a moving bus.

An Amy Beverland mother, Karen John, said she started a Facebook group suggesting the name change. John said a former Amy Beverland student then started a petition that will eventually be sent to the head of the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township.

“I would love for the children to be able to pull in there and see her name on that school and be comforted and know that she’s their star. She’s still watching over them,” John said.

School officials said Tuesday they will address the idea at the appropriate time.

The school is currently named after a former Lawrence Township educator. John said the school’s early learning center should be named after Amy Beverland.

“We don’t want to take away from Amy Beverland and the great educator she was,” John said.

John said her two sons, who are Amy Beverland students, love the idea.

She said the group doesn’t have a specific goal in mind for signature tallies, but they want to get as many as possible.

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